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Ready to Explore!!! All Tours & Activities can be either pre-booked prior to your arrival or arranged during your stay. Some are more suited to some than others. Contact our friendly tour desk staff who can guide you in the right direction.

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When it is time to explore the wonders of Tropical North Queensland, talk to one of our knowledgeable tour desk staff to ensure your needs are matched with the best experience. Local knowledge, local experience and great rates!All tours can be either pre-booked prior to your arrival, or arranged during your stay.Looking for a self-drive experience?. For those exploring in their own way and their own time, we can help with car hire, routes, itineraries and pre-booking of entry tickets to the regions many attractions and wildlife parks.There’s something for everyone so please contact us for more information. Our team is here to assist.

The Great Barrier Reef! Enough said…

You may have waited for a lifetime to explore the wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef. Or you’ve decided to return because it inspired a passion in you that won’t be denied. 200 kilometres of tropical coastline mirroring the Great Barrier Reef that stretches alongside. 1,500 kinds of fish and 400 types of coral. How many days are you visiting for? If you don’t swim or dive, don’t worry. You can fully immerse yourself in the reef without getting wet. Isn’t that amazing?

A Great holiday is like a journey of the senses. As your mind clears, you notice more

Mythical jungles. Towering forests. Potent plants. Exquisitely fragile wild things. And the sense that this has all been here for 100 million years. It’s an awesome experience to enter The Daintree. Best appreciated from the perspective of a local knowledgeable guide, in fact. Walk the tracks, watch from boardwalks, and observe from the canopy. Be part of the living rainforest from Mossman Gorge to Cape Tribulation. Night tours are even more inspiring.

The more you do, the more you are able to do. Adventure speaks to your imagination

You could surf the canopy of the rainforest. Or you could ride the beach. Think of something else. Kitesurfing or parasailing? Okay. A hang glider or an ultralight? Okay. Hot air ballooning or night diving on the reef (now there’s two extremes for you). It’s up to you. The most popular pastimes are swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and other activities connected with the reef. Like seeing it from the air on a scenic flight. There are unlimited choices. Adventure seekers are welcome here.

The world’s first people are still here. Would you like to meet them?

A 50,000 year record of living in harmony with nature is very impressive. And you’ll be more than moved by the grace, natural harmony and artistic endeavors of our region’s indigenous citizens. Be guided on a journey of discovery through living legends and sacred traditions in forests and ancient caves. Let yourself be aware and you’ll be rewarded with the sharing of the sheer joy which lives in the hearts of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.

Naturally, they’re curious about you. And you feel exactly the same about them

It’s one thing to cuddle a koala, but could you share space with a crocodile? You can get close at a wildlife park or in a river boat cruise. The photos will be amazing. We have so many unique animals and birds here. Jabirus and tree kangaroos. betongs and water dragons. See them in the wild on tour, or in the world class wildlife attractions and displays here. Just don’t miss out. It could be the most memorable meeting of your holiday.

Pampering is a necessity, not a luxury

Secret remedies from the seas and rainforest plants, and treatments inspired by 50,000 years of indigenous knowledge. A boutique collection of spa settings are all you could wish for – natural, luxurious and indelibly unique. From soothing caresses under a rainforest canopy beside a waterfall glade to the soft chimes of Asian bells signaling the commencement of your spa treatment, you’ll find peace and pleasure here.

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